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Powered Access - Machine Specifications

Powered Access - Booms

Machine Fuel
Straight /
SWL Weight Outreach Length Width Height
(when stowed)
Z30/20 Electric 10.89m Articulating 227kg 6450kg 6.25m 5.31m 1.19m 2.00m
HR12 Bi-energy 12.20m Articulating 200kg 3100kg 6.10m 4.10m 1.50m 1.90m
45/25 Bi-energy 16.05m Articulating 227kg 7190kg 7.52m 6.65m 1.79m 2.00m
45/22RT Diesel 16.05m Articulating 227kg 6123kg 7.52m 6.65m 2.29m 2.13m
60/34RT Diesel 20.39m Articulating 227kg 10215kg 11.05m 8.15m 2.46m 2.69m
HR21 Diesel 20.80m Articulating 225kg 6400kg 12.50m 6.65m 2.27m 2.15m
S65 Diesel 21.80m Straight 227kg 10102kg 17.10m 9.42m 2.49m 2.72m

Powered Access - Scissor Lifts

Machine Fuel
SWL Weight Length Width Height
(when stowed with handrails Lowered)
SJ3219 Electric 7.80m 227kg 1312kg 1.80m 0.80m 1.60m 1.60 x 0.70m 0.90m
20/32 Electric 8.10m 363kg 1825kg 2.44m 0.81m 1.75m 2.26 x 0.81m 0.91m
32/26 Electric 9.90m 227kg 1890kg 2.30m 0.80m 2.90m 2.10 x 0.70m 0.90m
46/26 Electric 9.90m 454kg 2170kg 2.30m 1.20m 1.80m 2.10 x 1.70m 1.20m
46/32 Electric 11.80m 317kg 2300kg 2.30m 1.20m 1.90m 2.10 x 1.10m 1.20m
40/47 Electric 13.75m 350kg 3222kg 2.44m 1.19m 1.88m 2.26 x 1.15m 0.91m
40/69 Electric 14.19m 360kg 5300kg 3.07m 1.75m 2.04m 2.92 x 1.65m 0.91m
68/32 Diesel 11.80m 454kg 3475kg 2.70m 1.70m 1.80m 2.40 x 1.40m 1.50m
88/41 Diesel 14.05m 680kg 5176kg 3.50m 2.20m 2.20m 3.40 x 1.70m 1.20m
92/50 Diesel 17.10m 681kg 6760kg 4.50kg 2.30kg 2.30m 4.30m x 170m 1.50m

Need Help?

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